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Baptism, along with Eucharist, is a major Sacrament of the Anglican Church. Traditionally, we celebrate infant baptism; however with more people coming to faith who have not been baptized there are an increasing number of adult baptisms taking place. Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ, and unites us with Jesus. We are baptized once in our lives, and through baptism, we become part of God’s new creation. Candidates are baptized as Christians, not as Anglicans. Christian churches around the world recognize baptisms done in a different Christian denomination. Parents should carefully choose sponsors (godparents) for their child who will encourage and participate in her/his spiritual life.  Sponsors must be baptized but need not be Anglican.


First Communion

“Life in the Eucharist” is a six-week program for children seven years of age or older who wish to receive the consecrated bread and wine at Eucharist.  Each child needs to have a parent or grandparent accompany them to these classes.



Confirmation is the time for a person to make their public profession of faith, taking personal ownership of those promises made for them by their parents and sponsors (godparents) at baptism. There is a series of study in the Christian faith and our heritage as Anglicans. The Bishop of the Diocese of Algoma officiates at this Service of Confirmation.

Teenagers and adults are invited to contact the rector if they are interested in participating in the preparation (catechism) series for Confirmation.



We are pleased to support the marriage of those who wish to begin their lives together with the blessing of God. The Deanery of Thunder Bay-North Shore offers a Marriage Preparation Workshop each spring and couples are strongly encouraged to attend. The rector of the parish will also meet with the couple a minimum of three times prior to the service. 


Private Confession

The Anglican position on private confession is: all may, none must, some should. A person has direct access to Jesus through prayer; however, making a confession with a priest allows a person to deal with something that is troubling.



The rector is pleased to visit with those who are in hospital or nursing homes, to bring communion or offer prayers of healing/blessing. Please let the office know if you need a visit by calling 807-939-1103. You may also wish a visit in your home at any time.  


Annointing with Oil/Unction

Anointing with oil or unction is a sacrament of the church. The Bishop blesses oil on Maundy Thursday at the Cathedral and it is distributed to parishes in the Diocese. The purpose of anointing a person is for healing: physical, mental or emotional. If you would like this sacrament, please contact the rector.


Contact us to discuss sacraments on your faith journey
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